I was born on January 21st, 1974, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
My father, Juan Carlos Martelli, was a writer and psychoanalyst; my mother, Beatriz Spinosa, is a journalist, painter and teacher of yoga. I grew up in a multidisciplinary home, where I learnt of the talents of my four elder brothers, too.

My inclination for literature, philosophy, mythology, medieval history, nature and art, mix and feed my inner world. I have periods through which I only absorb knowledge and sensations, then I externalize them completely transformed.

In the drawings and illustrations I let escape beings and characters, who appear in gushes. Painting is my most archaic and primitive form of expression, where I don't need to think. With the photography I can express myself in an automatic way. In my writings, perhaps sometime in the future, I might lead my chaotic imagination to the ordered kingdom of words.

Concurrently, I work in food journalism, especially in photo styling. This profession embarked me in the wonderful world of gastronomy where I enjoy from learning about the origins and evolution of food to everyday cooking. From 1994 to 2008 I worked for Para Ti magazine, Atlantida editors, among others.

Since April 2008 I am living temporarily in the U.S., along with my husband, who created this web site. We live in the middle of a forest surrounded by curious squirrels that inhabit the garden. It is a good time to further explore the outside world and my inner world.